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The DWA Press will make sure your book reaches the intended audience. Whether you published with us, by another small press, or self-published, being pampered isn’t usually part of the equation; you’ll have to take the lead on planning your own launch party. The truth is most publishing houses don’t include this in their budget, aside from booking you in different locations to present your book, a book launch event usually isn’t taken in consideration.


If you are a CREATIVE Dominican writer about to publish your book, allow us to become your literary doula, reach out to us and we will assist you in introducing your creative work to the world. We will be more than happy to:

  • Promote your book via our social media handles such as; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and our Newsletter.

  • Include a feature of the author on the Dominican Writers webpage.

  • Organize and host the launch of your book and additional book readings. We will locate the venue, prepare any marketing material, send out a press release and invitations, so that you as the author may introduce your book to the world in the manner that you envision it.

  • We will reach out to bookstores, book clubs and other literary spaces/groups to introduce them to your book as a potential for inclusion in their shelves and or make it available to their members/audience.

  • And more!